Stone Veneer

Veneer stones are stones that are used to face vertical surfaces. Originally these stones were quarried in a 4 to 6 inch thickness and because of the heavy weight of the stone a “footing ledge” was required for installation. To make installation easier and more cost effective two types of veneer stones have evolved, manufactured and natural thin.

Natural Thin Veneer Stones
Natural stones are quarried then sawed to a thickness of 1” to 2”. Because the stone is thinner and lighter it can usually be installed without the use of a footing ledge.

Manufactured Veneer Stones
As the name implies these are man made from cement, sand and mineral oxides. The mixture is placed in molds that are usually cast from actual stones to give the product a more realistic look. The thickness is usually between 1 to 2 inches and no footing ledge is required for installation.