Interlocking Pavers

Cambridge PaversPavingstones can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors. Cambridge and EP Henry pavers are manufactured using a process commonly called “hardfacing.”

A hardfaced paver is made as one solid unit but with finer aggregates and a higher concentration of pigments at the surface of the paver. The finer aggregates and increased pigments will help maintain the original look at the surface while the larger aggregate at the base will give the paver its strength.

EP HenryWhat does all of this mean to you? Over time all pavers that are exposed to the weather will begin to wear. However, as the paver wears there will be minimal exposure of larger aggregates which distracts from the over all appearance of the paver.

Cambridge’s technology is called ArmorTec® and EP Henry’s technology is called Durafacing®. Curley Stone Company offers you a wide selection of pavingstones from these manufacturers, their quality manufacturing process will help keep your pavers looking good for years.